geneOnyx partners with DNA Electronics to Debut Worlds First On-The-Spot computer microchip DNA Skincare Test at The Organic Pha

London, United Kingdom, October 11th 2012 – geneOnyx™, a provider of over-the-counter cloud based genetic analytics services for cosmetics and skincare applications, today announces the world’s first on-the-spot DNA skincare test, debuted at The Organic Pharmacy’s flagship UK store. geneOnyx™ has partnered with DNA Electronics Ltd., a developer of semiconductor solutions for real-time DNA and RNA detection, to apply the geneOnyx™ cloud recommendations system to a range of highly active anti-ageing skincare products at the leading health and beauty clinic and store – providing rapid results, without the need to send genetic samples away to a lab. The service is available as an in-store treatment to The Organic Pharmacy customers at the Kings Road store in London. The service preview is being made available to The Organic Pharmacy ahead of a global launch early next year.
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