Research shows link between high blood sugar levels and Alzheime's disease.

Researchers have uncovered a unique connection between diabetes and Alzheimer's disease, providing further evidence that a disease that robs people of their memories may be affected by elevated blood sugar, according to scientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

While many earlier studies have pointed to diabetes as a possible contributor to Alzheimer's, the new study - in mice - shows that elevated glucose in the blood can rapidly increase levels of amyloid beta, a key component of brain plaques in Alzheimer's patients. The buildup of plaques is thought to be an early driver of the complex set of changes that Alzheimer's causes in the brain. The research is published May 4 in The Journal of Clinical Investigation.



Telecare specialists, Geonovo win “Best Innovation 2011” prize at TSA Crystal Awards held at Hilton Metropole in London.

Geonovo, the designer and manufacturers of the acclaimed RSP-100 personal safety phone have just scooped the “Best Innovation 2011” prize in London at the Telecare Services Associations Crystal Awards ceremony last night at the Hilton Metropole The awards ceremony was part of the 'International Telecare & Telehealth Conference' held by the TSA each year.

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